Who we are

Who we are

Blue Cube is a proudly independent travel management company headquartered by Kew Bridge, West London with additional offices in central London, Glasgow and Accra, Ghana.  We have successfully delivered an unrivalled corporate travel experience to our varied and valued client portfolio for over 16 years. We pride ourself as a true travel consultancy, rather than simply an ‘order taker’ or ‘travel facilitator’.  We are committed to the development of our staff through accredited apprenticeship scheme’s combined with recruitment of only the finest and most experienced staff in the industry.

Our vision

The purpose of starting Blue Cube, was to create a company where all clients, large or small truly felt important and appreciated. We also wished to create an exceptional working environment in which employees thrived and really felt like they were part of the company, resulting in ultimate client satisfaction.

Our philosophy

Mel, Neil and Kenny firmly believed back in 2003 (as they do today) in the philosophy that ‘we must deliver exceptional service in everything we do’.  Plus, if we keep our employees happy, then they in turn will keep our clients happy.

This philosophy has created the exceptional reputation that Blue Cube has become renowned for today.  We are proud to still be looking after our original clients along with the many additions to our client portfolio.


We are NDC ready! Excited to say with BC online, powered by Atriis we were one of the first TMC’s in the UK to be NDC ready. Our NDC offering continues to grow from strength to strength with more airlines lining up to grant access to our clients and staff via BC online.


Our first apprentice joined and is still with us today. The excitement of having an enthusiastic young person within our midst rubbed off on everyone else and we are pleased to say our apprentice program continues to grow from strength to strength and has brought a unique approach to how we look at future proofing Blue Cube for the next generation.


Blue Cube embraces new technology and looks to combine it with hands on, behind the scenes assistance. On-line booking tools are ever evolving and Blue Cube has monitored the enhancements to develop the right tool for them and their clients. Working closely with clients and developers, there is now a functioning tool in place which many clients are adopting.


We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in style inviting all staff, their partners or friend if they weren’t attached and all of their children to a big celebration. We had a total of 26 children ranging in age from 1 to 17 years, 18 of which were under the age of 10… Blue Cubers had been busy over those 10 years in more ways than one!


September – As a travel management company, with close links to several Oil and Gas companies, the decision was made to re-locate one of its employees to open an office in Ghana to assist them locally.  Felix was returning home to Ghana and had many travel industry contacts from his previous time there. This assisted him in setting up an office much quicker than usual. The office was up and operational with a few months of him arriving home. Blue Cube Ghana was officially opened , servicing our clients in Ghana and the wider African community.


Our first ever Blue Cube cupcakes were created by Vanilla Frost and have been going down a storm every Christmas since!


The Ash Cloud! Who would have thought an Icelandic volcano could have brought the world of aviation to a standstill. A proud moment for Blue Cube when all of its workforce remained in the office and worked through the entire weekend without having to be asked. We were one of the first agents to have all of their travellers back in the UK by the following Wednesday that had come in from every corner of the globe!


The recession had hit hard and many TMC’s around us were either closing their doors or making redundancies and reducing working hours. We had gone to great lengths to secure our current workforce and chose not to make any redundancies and change working hours and we are pleased to say all staff still remain with us today.


July – Company growth continues.  Similarly moving to Kew due to there not being enough office space to comfortably accommodate the increasing number of staff, the necessity to move again to bigger premises became obvious.  This time a short move to Richmond upon Thames to offices twice the size of Kew occurred.


January – The company received a phone call from an ex-client of their previous employer to meet and discuss if there were any possibilities for them to ‘re-form’ a business relationship under the owners ‘new guise’. It seems the incumbent agent wasn’t providing the sort of service they had been used to. Negotiations went well and within a matter of a few months, Blue Cube had two designated consultants on-site in the clients prestigious Knightsbridge office. That professional partnership still exists today, albeit now with four designated staff on-site!


March – After a very successful first year, the decision was made to venture north of the border to Glasgow. Kenny led the charge (being a native of the City) and opened the company’s first office on Newton Place G3.

June – The W14 basement office has served its purpose and with an additional three members of the team, bigger premises were needed. So a light and bright office in a small mews development in Kew Village was found. It had windows and everything!!


February – The three current owners (Mel, Kenny and Neil) finally ‘opened their doors’ for business, based out of a dingy, windowless basement off the North End Road, London W14. The surroundings may have been dank, but the attitude was one of excitement, enthusiasm and determination of making a success of the new business.

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