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Above and Beyond

Updated: Jan 9

A Case Study on taking Corporate Travel Management to the next level

Blue Cube Travel specialises in providing exceptional corporate travel management services tailored specifically for high net worth clients and individuals. This case study highlights the unique travel requirements and high expectations of one of our typical clients, who need a service that is flexible, adaptable and highly personalised.  

The universe with a star shining brightly to symbolise going above and beyond standard service

We have included some key statistics that help to demonstrate the significance and impact of the services provided:


Client Sector Statistics

HNWI: According to recent market research, the number of HNWI globally continues to rise with an estimated 6% increase in 2023 alone. They tend to be frequent flyers, averaging 5 to 10 international trips per year. They seek exclusive and personalised business travel experiences, focusing on comfort, privacy, and efficiency.


C-Level Executives: The C-level play a crucial role in driving business growth and 86% of them are regular business travellers, with 37% travelling internationally at least once a month. They prioritise time management, productivity, and seamless travel experiences to maximise their effectiveness during business trips.

C-Level Executive at Airport


Client: London headquartered research and expert networking service to institutional investors, consultants and corporate clients worldwide.


Solution Provided by Blue Cube Travel: We recognise the unique needs of these traveller personas and have developed and designed a comprehensive solution that delivers a personalised, concierge-style travel service that meets their needs.



Dedicated Relationship Managers

To ensure exceptional service, Blue Cube Travel assigned a dedicated Account Manager and a dedicated Travel Consultant for this client. Their roles are to understand their specific preferences, travel patterns, and the requirements of each executive. They have both developed strong professional relationships within the client organisation and they are the main point of contact for all travel-related needs.


Customised Travel Itineraries

Blue Cube go beyond standard travel arrangements by creating highly customised travel itineraries for our client's Executives. These itineraries consider individual preferences, such as preferred airlines, seating options, hotel preferences, and ground transportation requirements. Blue Cube leverage our industry expertise and extensive partner network to curate exclusive experiences and access to luxury accommodations, private jets, and VIP services.


VIP Concierge Services

Recognising the need for seamless travel experiences, Blue Cube provide dedicated VIP concierge services for our client's Executive Team. These services included personalised airport assistance, expedited security checks, access to exclusive lounges, chauffeur-driven transfers, and in-flight amenities tailored to the executive's preferences. The VIP concierge services aim to enhance comfort, convenience, and privacy throughout the entire travel journey.


24/7 Support and Assistance

Blue Cube offer round-the-clock support and assistance for the Executive Team. This ensures that immediate help is available for any travel-related queries, changes, or emergencies. The support team have extensive knowledge and experience in handling high-profile clients, providing prompt solutions and peace of mind to the executives.


Proactive Travel Risk Management

Understanding the importance of executive safety, Blue Cube have implemented proactive travel risk management protocols. We monitor global events, weather conditions, and potential disruptions to proactively identify and mitigate any travel risks. Executives and/or their assistants are provided with real-time travel alerts, ensuring their safety and enabling them to make informed decisions during their journeys.

Building blocks for creating personalised travel management services

Results and Impact 

The personalised service delivery provided by Blue Cube has had a significant impact on our client's Executive Team. The key outcomes were as follows:


Enhanced Travel Experience

The Executive Team have expressed high satisfaction with the personalised travel experiences provided by Blue Cube. The customised itineraries, VIP concierge services, and attention to detail contribute to an elevated travel experience, meeting the executives' specific preferences and needs.


Time Efficiency and Productivity

The seamless travel arrangements and dedicated support allow executives to optimise their time during travel. The reduced administrative burden, efficient logistics, and personalised assistance enable the executives to focus on critical business tasks, enhancing their productivity and overall effectiveness.


Safety and Security

The proactive travel risk management approach implemented by Blue Cube ensures the safety and security of the executives. Real-time travel alerts and support during emergencies provide peace of mind, allowing the executives to confidently navigate their travel plans.


Long-Term Partnerships

The Executive Team have developed strong long-term partnerships with Blue Cube staff and management. The personalised service and attention to detail fosters trust, making us the preferred choice for their travel management needs.


Client Quote

Blue Cube Travel are without doubt, the most dynamic, resourceful and reliable Travel Management Company we have encountered. Kenny Stirling and his Team are always ready to assist and do some incredible work when faced with any challenges. Travel is a necessity in our business, so it’s important to work with a Travel Management Company that is supportive and helpful and, always goes "above and beyond..."

Phone: +44(0) 208 948 8188

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