The Architecture industry contributes £4.8 billion to the UK’s economy each year with London making up £1.7 billion of that figure. In 2018, there were 54,000 architects in employment in the UK, based on Standard Occupation Classification 2010, code 2431.

British architecture practices work around the world, producing transformative and technologically advanced buildings that improve the lives of their occupants and communities.

Our architect clients work across all industries, bringing together worldwide project management teams to ensure critical and smooth global operations run on schedule.

We at Blue Cube understand they have very specific needs when it comes to their business travel, we appreciate how demanding projects can be and that’s why we allocate a specific team with experience and knowledge of the architecture industry to make sure every need is anticipated and catered for.

We support our architecture clients as they develop their visions of the future and just as they do we at Blue Cube Travel deliver on time and on budget. Where project timetables change and evolve, our experienced consultants always advise on how best to plan your business travel. We advise where time and efficiency savings can be made and we strive for the exacting standards of an architecture firm.

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