In 2017, the financial services sector contributed £119 billion to the UK economy, 6.5% of total economic output.  The sector was largest in London, where 50% of the sector’s output was generated. The UK financial services sector was the eighth largest in the OECD in 2016 by its proportion of national economic output.

Whether your business is Banking Commercial or Investment, Foreign Exchange Services (FOREX), Private Equity, Hedge Fund or Accountancy Blue Cube Travel has the necessary experience and expertise to understand your requirements and exceed your expectations.

At Blue Cube we have a large number of clients working in the financial services sector most of whom have worked with us for over five years.

It is through working very closely with them that we have learnt the array of complex demands you receive from your clients, who expect only the very best possible service.

We can assign a dedicated team to your account to provide the personalised attention you need and our experience and commitment in delivering actionable travel policy recommendations will reduce your travel expenditure. We track individual travel patterns and use this knowledge to make data-driven travel policy recommendations, delivering significant savings while still travelling in comfort.

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