The UK insurance market is the largest in Europe with Five of the top ten life and insurance companies in Europe residing in the UK and the fourth largest in the world. However the UK is the single largest exporter of insurance and pensions services in the world, exporting just under £15 billion in 2016 compared with the USA at £13 billion.

Brokerages, risk management consultancies and underwriters require an effective and actionable business travel policy in order to keep costs under control. Understanding the nuances of optimal, cost-effective and flexible travel arrangements is something that Blue Cube Travel is vastly experienced in.

Whether travelling to somewhere in USA the UK’s largest Insurance export market, or to the rapid-growth countries of Brazil and China.

Your travel management program doesn’t always just require our offline consultancy expertise and services, which is why by using our online booking tool bc Online, your travellers can easily book flights, hotels, car hire, chauffeurs and taxis and as well as rail.  Pre-defined conditions as per the company travel policy can be set and rules put in place to help your travellers, and ultimately, your company’s bottom line.

What’s more, we will quality check every booking and raise any potential issues before they are paid for, for your peace of mind.

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