Luxury & retail

The retail sector in 2017 was valued at £366 billion employing 2.9 million people in the UK and Luxury Fashion directly contributes nearly £37 billion, and accounts for nearly a third of the total number of people employed in retail, nearly 1 million.  With these sorts of numbers it is no surprise that corporate travel plays an important part in any retail or luxury fashion company.

We often hear that travel spend is almost impossible to manage and savings difficult to deliver. By understanding your business strategy and growth plans, we will tailor your travel programme and travel policies around different departments’ needs and requirements.

Blue Cube Travel has learnt by working with international luxury designer brands to high-street retailers

that while some travel can be planned and organised months in advance such as regular visits to suppliers and manufacturers mostly the travel requests can be extremely last-minute and our response time is key to providing you with cost effective travel solutions.  Your dedicated Blue Cube team is on hand 24/7, 365 days a year to support your business growth and development.

For your VIP/executive travellers, managing every detail of their travel and itinerary can be the deciding factor on who you chose to work with, which is why we at Blue Cube still offer a no obligation trial so that your VIPs and their bookers can get to experience our high levels of service prior to signing a contract.

A large majority of our clients’ travel spend is in premium cabin classes, therefore we have a wealth of experience in sourcing the best airfares at competitive prices when compared with the bigger TMC’s, we also are well adept at securing those all-important free upgrades.

Many of our clients find that a combination of our expert service driven offline teams complemented with our award winning and innovative online booking tool and mobile booking app provides the service and savings they desire.

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