Sports & entertainment

The UK Sports Industry is reportedly £23.8 billion and employs nearly 1 million people in the UK.

Blue Cube has been working with clients in the Sports industry for almost 10 years and has a wealth of experience in the logistics required to transport a team seamlessly from one event to another.  We also understand what it means to win and that a high touch VIP service is essential in order that sports people arrive at an event, fresh and ready to compete at the highest levels.

No matter what your requirement whether it is 25 rooms in a hotel, 15 Business Class seats or luxury coach Blue Cube travel will deliver the best service, products and prices required on time.

The UK’s multi-billion entertainment and media industry is set to grow in the coming years, making it one of the largest markets in Europe and will be worth £76 billion by 2021, up from £68bn this year according to Pwc global E&M outlook 2018-2022.

Whether it’s assisting one or two people travelling to a new client for a pitch, moving an entire film crew to multiple international locations or flying out VIPs, Blue Cube Travel is highly experienced in looking after both the needs/nuances of your travellers and their equipment. Many airlines offer special fares and cargo rates to the entertainment industry, and your dedicated Blue Cube consultant will compare these alongside the multitude of other fare options available including NDC specials and our exclusive Blue Cube rates to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

At Blue Cube our consultants are knowledgeable and highly experienced in your industry and will be highly creative with your travel itineraries to ensure that your projects do not go over budget.

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