The UK out paces other European countries in terms of tech start-up funding, with €7.1 billion raised in 2017 alone and the digital tech sector is worth nearly £184 billion to UK economy, with London able to compete with Silicon Valley when it comes to attracting world-class entrepreneurs.

At Blue Cube we understand that we need to ensure that we can get your travellers from A to B and C in a cost effect manner and will help you build a travel policy that is fit for your company.

Blue Cube has been working in the Tech sector for just over five years and our clients have offices in North America, China, Australia and Europe.

From here in the UK Blue Cube can manage your complete global travel program through its partnership network. We are also acutely aware that technology clients want a robust online booking tool that meets their expectations, which is why ours is award winning and leading the way in innovation within Business travel.

Our online booking tool is a single booking platform that can be rolled out globally and our mobile booking app allows you to book in real time all manner of flights including NDC, accommodation and ground transportation whilst on the move and with your travel policy fully integrated.

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