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We are an IATA licensed Corporate Travel Management Team and have a host of services that we can offer you

Working with airlines

It’s more than just booking flights, but we’ll cover that off first! Whether self-booking or working with our consultants, you are able to access published and Blue Cube negotiated fares across all scheduled and low-cost carriers globally.  Our online tool allows you to access fares across our global partner network allowing you to book flights from any point of origin at a local rate.

Whether your preference is offline or online, we don’t auto-ticket. This means that our consultants check every booking prior to issuing the ticket.  Combining their in-depth knowledge of fares, routing and creative ticketing with your other trips and company airline miles management they give you the Blue Cube guarantee that all is in order and at the best rate before we finally issue.

The same agents who do this also manage any changes and cancellations, we want to make every transaction you have with us enjoyable, we use the same team to minimise the loss of your time and to ensure consistency.

Need something bigger?  We can also book private and commercial jets for our clients.  We work with a variety of brokers and have used their services from everything to complex round the world itineraries to evacuations in unstable areas.

We hold regular meetings with our airline partners at our offices in Kew and our memberships with GTMC and Advantage give us access to user and trade groups.  We have a unique insight into the travellers journey and we’re not afraid to speak up to put your consumer rights forward.

Ground transportation

You can book car-hire, taxis, private transfers, chauffeurs, mini-cabs, small coaches and large coaches on our online booking tool.  This service is tailored to suit your travel policy and frequently reported on to give you visibility of spend private taxis and private car-hire.

If you are looking for a more sustainable suppliers, we work with White Car, the only Tesla only chauffeur operation in the UK.

If you have a bigger event our events team can also manage the ground transportation in advance and onsite if required.

Meetings & group bookings

Our dedicated Meetings and Events team can take care of any type of off-site meeting.  Smaller off-sites can be booked via our tool or with the team for the smaller stuff and for the larger scale meetings we can be as involved as you’d like.  If help with venues is all you need come and speak to us about our unusual ideas for meeting space.

If you need more ideas we can help you with entertainment, catering, production, AV, registration, staffing and so much more.  See: Groups Bookings and Meetings (MICE)

Management information

Our reporting ability is limitless.  We capture everything, all of the time and then present it to you in a format that suits your requirements.

Our Data analyst works closely with the account management team and you to ensure that the data is useful and relevant.  We use our data to support your directives and from experience know that using it in this way helps to educate which increases awareness and compliance.

Where to stay

The choice is limitless.  But we can help with that!  We bring you content from over a million properties.  You can stay in hotels, apartments and a whole lot more.  We believe that the accommodation part is personal to the individual traveller so it’s important to offer as much as we can, for those travellers that want something a little different? We’ve got it covered.

Using the best of the internet is great, but it’s also important to have your own programme in place to ensure you have a standard for your organisation and get better rates.  We work with you to develop flexible and robust accommodation programmes that your travellers enjoy and endorse via our integrated feedback tool.

We have a variety of payment facilities for hotel booking and offer a full bill-back service, see Finance and Payment Options for more details.  If you are looking to combine a work trip with some time away, let us know we can organise this with the property.

Our account managers work closely with properties that you use and will visit them regularly.  We are also always on the look-out for new ideas, so expect regular invites to see what’s new.

Airport car parking

Available at all UK airports via our online tool.  Booking everything through us can mean that your finance team pays one invoice a month and reduces time spend on credit card reconciliation.

Concierge services

If you are looking to arrange restaurant bookings, sold out seats for shows, corporate hospitality, gifting or pretty much anything else you can think of speak to anyone of the team, we can all help.


Technology is developing rapidly in this sector.  Our tools allow you to book UK rail, Heathrow Express, Eurostar and AMTRAK (US Rail).  Coming later this year global rail will be available for you to book, but for the meantime our consultants can book you anything you need.

We support multiple ticket types (including printers) and as Train Operating Companies (TOCS) role out mobile ticketing, e-ticketing across their networks we are able to issue.

We offer season ticket purchase and assistance with HRMC duel location reporting and payment.

We refund uncollected tickets and rail compensation facilities will be offered later in 2019.  We are currently looking for a suitable product.

Visas / passports

Our amazing consultants will tell you if you need a visa, we can organise for USA, Canada and Australia directly and for all other countries we work with our own team within CIBT.  You can access our account via our own online portal and we charge you for any services used as part of your monthly billing.

After-booking services

We believe that the booking is only the very first part of the journey.  Our job really starts there.  If you need to make any changes or discuss any special detail with the service provider we are here to help.  And when the service provider makes a change? We are there to ensure your plans still go ahead and disruptions are kept to a minimum.

We offer our own traveller tracking and risk management tools and can also integrate with outsourced risk management partners such as ISOS.

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