Blue Cube trains it travel consultants to take a consultative approach with every booking. Our mantra is that “a traveller can’t suggest it if they don’t know it’s there”. We are proud not to be order takers. We understand the booking systems and can navigate around them, even with the addition of our online booking tool Atriis* our consultants run a manual check prior to ticketing, in 20% of bookings we are able to offer an additional saving.

With the launch of our booking tool we had the realisation that despite our tool being easy to use, it still required that the booker have a reasonable knowledge of travel, ticketing, destinations and policy.  We quickly understood that often EAs, PAs and other travel bookers have little experience of booking travel online, other than perhaps booking their own holidays which is a world away from the world of corporate travel.

Our systems are different, there is a merge in the market between traditionally corporate and leisure players, now branded as Travel Providers.  The corporate industry has realised the issue in using these tools outside of the TMC environment, lengthy phone-calls for changes, lack of visibility and duty of care to name but a few.

And…there is so much choice!  The average person takes 2 days (solidly) in booking a holiday – more likely over an average of 2 weeks.  There is no time for this at work and worse still, you’re booking for your boss, if you get it wrong not only are you costing your company money but you’re at a high risk of a 3AM call which you can’t do much about, and anyway the low-cost business class option seemed like such a good price, what’s the difference anyway?

Blue Cube Travel realised that despite having excellent adoption to their online booking tool Atriis*, “An average of 85% of our online clients process their transactions via the tool” Nikki Steward Head of Online.  Clients spends were increasing, despite approval processes in place and last-minute bookings were on the rise.

We realised that our clients needed to learn some of our secrets if they were going to get their costs under control. We have developed and 8 module programme which is designed to run over a year and is delivered to our travel bookers by our account managers. Clients have given us really good feed-back, we seem to have hit the right level and we tailor it to the company’s actual requirements so what we are teaching is relevant. Our clients are so keen we have added 2 additional MICE and group booking modules.”

Bex Deadman, Commercial Director

We love the world of travel, but we realised there is so much that we take for granted, idiosyncrasies and system quirks that are actually really frustrating for the traveller and booker a like. It is made more complicated because of the additional policy and approval requirements that are needed, but can often confuse the search results on a booking tool. We’ve also been surprised with just how many travellers are no longer aware of their travel policy, assuming that the tool will work it all out for them with no real context of the content that the tool is powered with. A corporate booking tool brings many APIs together, it is historically a clunky, sometimes slow piece of software which although is improving in recent years is still built with legacy systems that pre-date APIs and even the internet”

Blue Cube Travel are now offering EA, PA and Travel Booker Courses as a service to the wider industry.  Each can be bought individually or as a course and delivered on site or at Blue Cube offices.

  • Each module is 1.5 hours with question-time to be delivered at a time of your convenience
  • Lunch times work well and lunch can be included
  • The topic is tailored to you company requirements and where possible demo’s in-line with the booking tool of choice.
  • In some cases a third party supplier is also invited, this would be relevant to your organisations programme.
  • Presentation circulated after the event followed up by a questionnaire designed specifically for that training course.  Once complete participants receive email confirmation that they have completed the training course module.

In order to tailor the course to your company requirements Blue Cube will require a minimum 2 week booking window and access to your travel data.  An NDA is put in place between us as well as a contract defining our services.

What happens afterwards. Inevitably in running these courses Blue Cube get a unique insight into the overall health check of your travel programme, systems, travellers and so on.  We are very happy to share our findings with you and will send you a summary after the course.

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Course modules

Air Travel – The stuff you need to know about booking AIR Travel


Air Travel Part 2 – The differences between airlines, service and classes


Hotel booking basics


Apartments and other dwellings


UK Rail – the myths revealed!


An introduction to international rail


Planning the extra bits


How to plan a travel itinerary and ACE it!


How to arrange a small meeting


How to arrange a larger meeting


Our courses are designed to be held for small groups from 5-10.  We also offer courses at our own offices in Kew which are designed for more than one company to attend, these are less specific but offer a good foundation which can be applied by most companies.

If you are interested it booking one of our courses or discussing further please contact us here*.

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