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The Team

“Travel far, travel often, and travel without regrets”

Oscar Wilde

Mel Phaure, Co-Owner, Blue Cube Travel

Mel Phaure


Mel is the glue within Blue Cube, the team can always count on her for sound, selfless, honest advice.  It is her values that run through the DNA of the Blue Cube organisation. Ever approachable, passionate about people, open and up for a laugh, don't be surprised if she's reading out your old CV in front of the whole office!

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Kenny Stirling


Co-Founder Kenny, is the fount of all travel knowledge. His hands-on approach to servicing clients is unrivalled in the industry. No other TMC owner is as accessible as he is and he wouldn't have it any other way.  A contagious passion for travel and for Blue Cube, that motivates and lifts everyone in the organisation.

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Kenny Stirling, Co-Owner, Blue Cube Travel

Meet the Blue Cubers

They're unique, they're special and they love to have fun at work. If you visit our office you will see this for yourself. Yes, they are dedicated to their clients but they also know when to chill and take a break. Whether it's a game of pool, table tennis, working out with our personal trainer or just watching the FlightRadar app in the open-plan kitchen. The Blue Cube motto is  to work hard, have fun and enjoy life.

making the complex simple

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