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At Blue Cube the travel transaction is only a fraction of what we do. Our consultancy, advice, support and guidance are what helps to drive your travel programme and your business, executed by our highly talented Account Management Team.

Blue Cube clients benefit from a very high level of personal attention - from not only your account manager, but also the executive team and our operations and IT departments. This level of attention and customisation of the travel programme that we provide would not be accessible through many other  larger Travel Management Companies.

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High-Touch Delivery

Blue Cube's high touch travel managmement service provides a premium and personalised travel experience.  We cater to the unique needs and preferences of each of our clients. By combining personalised service, attention to detail, and round-the-clock support, our aim is to streamline every business trip and improve the traveller experience.

Sustainable Options

Our team will work proactively with clients that want to   make conscious choices to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes opting for low-carbon transportation where feasible, direct flights, suppliers with a strong environmental performance as well as trip optimisation and supporting local businesses and communities.

Costs Controlled

The Blue Cube Travel Account Management Team analyse historical spending to ascertain where savings can be achieved.  Whether this is reallocating  spend,  committing more budget to fewer, higher-value trips, or optimising internal meetings with digital or hybrid approaches. Leveraging these strategies is aligned with managing travel budget costs, optimising savings, and ensuring compliance with travel policies.

Reliable Data

Blue Cube's online management information, delivered by bcVision, extends beyond traditional travel reports, allowing our clients to identify travel patterns, changing behaviours, sustainability impacts and in-depth cost analysis. This powerful data is easily accessed by clients helping budget holders to forecast and plan their future travel spend.

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