Energy – oil & gas

The Energy, Oil and Gas sector plays an important role in UK plc. In 2017 the Energy, Oil & Gas industries contributed to the UK economy 2.9% GDP, 9.8% of total investment, 33.6% of industrial investment, had 181,000 people directly employed (6.3% of industrial employment) and more indirectly (e.g. an estimated 142,000 in support of UK Continental Shelf production). Corporate travel in this sector has never been more important.

Business travel logistics in energy, oil & gas countries often differ vastly in political and social landscapes, as well as infrastructures and with a sizeable array of locations, a diverse background of consultants, engineers and crew meaning travel itineraries can be complex and therefore knowledge and experience is paramount.

Blue Cube Travel has been working with our clients in this sector for 15 years

Some of whom turnover $1B annually and who have offices worldwide.  This experience, combined with our West Africa office location, our 24/7 afterhours service and our specialist knowledge of flights, ground transport and accommodation, means we have the necessary expertise to ease the complexity of your trips and make corporate travel to diverse, remote destinations straightforward, so that you can rest assured as we look after your business travellers night and day.

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