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Exceeding Expectations: Why Our Clients Love Us

In the fast-paced world of business, where every interaction counts and every detail matters, finding a travel management partner you can trust is a vital asset. At Blue Cube Travel, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service that goes beyond our clients expectations. But don't just take our word for it; in this blog you will hear the voices of those who matter most - our clients.


One of the invaluable members of our team who personifies our commitment to excellence is Jayne, who has a keen eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to her clients. She ensures that every travel request is handled with precision and care. Her ability to turn what could be a stressful task into a seamless experience speaks volumes about her expertise and dedication.

Jayne, on the left, with colleagues Mel (Owner) and Tracey (Ops Director)

Jayne has been overseeing travel arrangements for myself, my family, and our company for the past decade. Her dedication and professionalism is appreciated by everyone within the Vitol Group. Jayne is an integral member of our business family, and we would be lost without her. CEO, VITOL

At Blue Cube Travel, we believe in fostering genuine connections with our clients. Jayne's approachable nature and personalised service are typical traits of all of our staff. Whether it's arranging travel or coordinating events, our consultants are single minded in their efforts to please their travellers and to make their trips as successful as possible.

Jayne is a consummate professional when organising travel and events. Her attention to detail and expedience are exceptional, making interactions feel more like conversations with a friend than a corporate transaction. She genuinely cares about ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for her clients. BROKER, VITOL

Jayne's dedication to her clients has not gone unnoticed. We believe in celebrating the achievements of our team and sharing their accolades, because their success is our success!

My sources tell me that Jayne may be up for a People’s Award? Well, if she’s not, she should be - I would even nominate her! Because she does an outstanding job for Vitol, way beyond the call of duty. She is always there - 24/7. She is just a pleasure to work with, incredibly patient, with a sunny disposition, and always smiling. ORIGINATOR, VITOL


Tracey Wilson, Director of Operations

Jayne is an invaluable member of my team, entrusted with managing one of our largest clients, and her service is nothing short of outstanding. Her tireless round-the-clock work ethic and determination set her apart. The positive feedback we receive from our travellers speaks volumes – they know without a doubt that Jayne will be there to assist them whenever needed. What really differentiates is her humility as she remains blissfully unaware of just how incredible she is! TRACEY WILSON (JAYNE'S BOSS)


Is this the kind of personalised service you need and want?  Our team, epitomised by individuals like Jayne, aren't just here to handle your travel arrangements. They will meticulously handle every detail, surpassing your expectations and transforming your experience into something truly exceptional.

Phone: +44(0) 7493 908221

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For more detail you can access our Executive Summary by clicking on the link below.

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