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Extract From: The Executive Assistant's Business Travel Playbook


The role of an Executive Assistant (EA) involves more than just managing schedules; it's about orchestrating complex business travel itineraries that span continents, from a straightforward London to Dubai; or with potentially more stops in either Africa, The Far East, Australia, or South and North America. The challenges are intensified when these plans are subject to last-minute changes.

This blog outlines an extract from The Executive Assistant Travel Playbook which is the ultimate guide to mastering the art of flawless business travel itineraries, offering insights, quick tips and comprehensive solutions to the intricate tasks involved.


Executive Assistant's Travel Playbook
The Executive Assistant's Ultimate Guide To Corporate Travel


Extract from Chapter 2: Executive Travel Basics

In this blog we explore the purpose of an Executive undertaking a trip. What is the objective of them taking the trip in the first place? Why are they travelling to a particular country or city?

Knowing the purpose of an Executive's business trip allows an EA to be properly organised, prepared and effective. The significance of a trip allows them to maximise the Executive's efficiency by ensuring that travel arrangements are optimal.

Understanding the objective of an Executive's meeting is not just about logistical support; it's about being a strategic partner in the executive's productivity and success. This knowledge enables the EA to provide comprehensive support that goes beyond just managing a calendar, encompassing preparation, execution, and follow-up of key business engagements.

Purpose of Business Trips
Executive Corporate Traveller

Business Conferences

  • Purpose: To attend or speak at industry events, which are opportunities for networking, thought leadership, and staying abreast of industry trends.

  • Locations: Varies depending on the event's focus; often in major cities known for hosting international conferences.

Business Meetings and Negotiations

  • Purpose: To discuss strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, or high-level business negotiations.

  • Locations: Often in major business hubs or corporate headquarters.

Investor Roadshows 

  • Purpose: To present company performance and future prospects to current and potential investors.

  • Locations: Typically spans multiple financial centres across different regions.

International Expansion and Market Exploration

  • Purpose: To explore new markets for expansion, understand local business environments, and establish contacts.

  • Locations: Emerging markets or new international regions relevant to the company’s growth strategy.

Site Visits and Operational Reviews

  • Purpose: To visit company operations, manufacturing plants, or project sites for inspection, evaluation, and direct engagement with on-ground teams.

  • Locations: Can be anywhere from urban centres to remote locations, depending on the company's operational presence.

Client Visits and Relationship Building

  • Purpose: To meet with key clients for relationship building, project discussions, or service reviews.

  • Locations: Client offices, which can be in various national and international locations.


The insights and strategies we've explored here are just the beginning. For those EAs seeking to delve deeper into the art of seamless business travel management and acquire more comprehensive 'how-to' tips; our forthcoming Executive Assistant's Travel Playbook is an indispensable resource.

This playbook is designed not just as a guide but as a companion in your professional journey, offering in-depth research, actionable insights, and practical tips tailored specifically for the unique challenges faced by Executive Assistants in today's corporate world.

For your own personal copy please register your interest below.


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