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Senior Executives on the Move - Part 2: Work Life Balance

Updated: Sep 26

Frequent business travel poses unique challenges for C-Level executives, particularly in maintaining a healthy work life balance. These challenges can have significant implications on their mental and physical health, as well as their ability to perform effectively in their roles.

work life balance

Here are some specific work life balance challenges they face:

Time Constraints and Disrupted Routine

Travelling frequently disrupts daily routines, making it difficult for executives to engage in regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and quality sleep. Having to also work to tight schedules, leaves limited personal time and relaxation whilst on the road. Overall, this disruption to their normal routine can impact their physical and overall well-being, leading to burnout.

Increased Stress and Fatigue

Executives often face high-pressure situations during business trips, such as critical meetings, negotiations, and decision-making. Constantly being on the go and dealing with high-stake scenarios can lead to heightened stress levels. Throw in frequent time zone changes and the result is an executive whose ability to concentrate, make decisions and stay productive are comprised.

work life balance

Work and Life Balance

The strain of frequent travel often blurs the lines between work and personal life, making it challenging to prioritise well-being and family time. The constant demand to travel on business can also lead to the executive feeling a sense of disconnection from their organisation, making them less engaged and motivated.


How Blue Cube Travel Can Help

A single touchpoint with a dedicated travel consultant allows an unprecedented responsiveness to how we handle the executive's business trip. By providing dedicated resource 24/7, we are able to understand your travel patterns, business demands and personal preferences. We work tirelessly with the executive and/or their assistants, to handle every aspect of travel planning and booking, ensuring we create as seamless and stress-free experience as we can.

"We can always rely on Blue Cube Travel. I know if I call their reservations department, I can actually speak to whoever answers the phone because they are super keen to help and are diligent in passing on messages and, they seem so happy! Actually, that is a key trait that runs throughout their team, they are all so ridiculously happy! Booking travel for me is never a chore, it’s something I really look forward to doing. They also never seem to sleep...always available whenever and wherever I need them." Sam, Private Equity Firm

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