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The Long and Winding Sustainable Travel - Part Two

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

In Part Two of this series we will explore in more detail the specific challenges facing travel management companies ,in sustainable travel. They have to strike a balance between meeting clients' sustainability demands with managing their travel budgets effectively.

Many corporations are now seeking viable alternatives to business travel. This has and will have a major impact on the business travel sector, as the mindset has irrevocably changed on a global scale. The days of short flights and day trips may be over, where a satisfactory virtual alternative exists. This is being reflected in corporate travel policies for major multi-national corporations across the world.

5 challenges this Sustainable Travel Management Presents for both the client and the TMC

1. Balancing Cost and Sustainability: Sustainable alternatives often come at a higher

price, requiring TMCs to strike a balance between meeting clients' sustainability

demands and managing their travel budgets effectively.

2. Availability of Sustainable Options: Limited availability of sustainable transport options

for certain destinations or lack of eco-friendly accommodation, can make it

challenging to meet clients' demands for sustainable travel.

3. Changing Client Preferences and Education: It can be challenging to keep up with

evolving client preferences and to educate clients about the benefits and feasibility of

sustainable travel while dispelling misconceptions or concerns they may have.

4. Resistance to Change: Some travellers may be resistant to adopting sustainable travel

practices due to concerns about potential disruptions, additional costs, or limited

choices. TMCs need to address these concerns effectively and showcase the value of

sustainable travel options to overcome resistance.

5. Collaborating with Sustainable Partners: TMCs often face difficulties in finding and

partnering with travel suppliers who prioritise sustainability. Building a network of

reliable, sustainable partners requires extensive research, negotiation, and ongoing

relationship management.

Learn more vital statistics as well as 7 steps to a greener travel program from our infographic


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